Corrosion Monitoring Services


Corrosion Monitoring Services

Don't let corrosion catch you off guard - trust Sogec's comprehensive monitoring services to safeguard your assets.

Sogec's corrosion monitoring services go beyond surface-level inspections, delving deep into the heart of your systems to uncover hidden threats. Our advanced techniques and cutting-edge technology ensure that no corrosion issue goes undetected, empowering you to make informed decisions and maintain the integrity of your critical infrastructure.

Internal Corrosion Services External Corrosion Services

Tailored Solutions for Diverse Corrosion Challenges

Whether it's internal corrosion, external corrosion, or the need for remote monitoring, Sogec has the expertise to address your unique challenges. Our team of seasoned professionals meticulously analyzes your operations and develops customized strategies to mitigate corrosion risks, safeguarding your assets and ensuring continuous, uninterrupted performance


Comprehensive Monitoring for Saudi Arabia's Infrastructure

With a strong presence across Saudi Arabia, Sogec is the trusted partner for organizations seeking reliable, high-quality corrosion monitoring services. Our extensive reach and deep understanding of the region's environmental factors enable us to provide comprehensive solutions to secure your operations, no matter where they are located.


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SOGEC – Specialized Oil & Gas Engineering Company is a part of KABBANI CONSTRUCTION GROUP which was established in 1979 and commenced its activities as a specialized maintenance contractor, then it grew steadily over the past 30 years to become consistently rated among the largest 50 companies in Saudi Arabia.

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