Internal Corrosion Service


Internal Corrosion Services

Alongside external corrosion services, Sogec is evolving in the Internal Corrosion field and is currently capable of developing sound Corrosion Management Programs and provides Corrosion Monitoring Services starting with an online coupon and probe chemical injection quills & Hot Tapping retrieval thru corrosion analysis at our well-established in-house Laboratory into data logging and remote monitoring.

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Sogec Expert in Corrosion Management and Monitoring Services

At Sogec, we are at the forefront of internal corrosion management solutions. Our team of experts develops tailored Corrosion Management Programs to safeguard your assets, ensuring their longevity and optimal performance.

Protect your assets from costly internal corrosion.

Advanced Corrosion Monitoring Services

Our comprehensive Corrosion Monitoring Services encompass a wide range of capabilities, from online coupon and probe retrieval to in-depth corrosion analysis at our well-established in-house Laboratory. We also provide data logging and remote monitoring solutions for seamless asset protection

Cutting-Edge Technology, Trusted Results

Leveraging the latest advancements in corrosion technology, Sogec delivers reliable, data-driven insights to help you make informed decisions and maintain the integrity of your critical infrastructure. Trust our experts to safeguard your assets against the challenges of internal corrosion.


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SOGEC – Specialized Oil & Gas Engineering Company is a part of KABBANI CONSTRUCTION GROUP which was established in 1979 and commenced its activities as a specialized maintenance contractor, then it grew steadily over the past 30 years to become consistently rated among the largest 50 companies in Saudi Arabia.

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